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The Re-Vu platform makes website rating and reviews easy and fun.

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Review and Rating System

Re-Vu is an excellent review writer platform designed to help your users review, rate, and share your products all in one go. It's fast, easy, and highly effective. Adding Re-Vu to your site will also help you increase traffic and conversions to your website, by encouraging users to rate your products and share their ratings with their friends on social networks.

Drives Traffic and Conversions

Show case the best reviews of your website and products to drive traffic and increase conversions. The longer you use Re-Vu, the more reviews you'll have to pick and choose from, giving you an edge over your competitors. After all, there's no better marketing tool than letting your customers speak for you. Don't forget, Re-Vu is also a great way to make new friends and communicate with your customers.

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Great for Sharing

Re-Vu is a rating system that allows users to post reviews, rate, like, share (even through email), and bookmark all from the same page. It's a quick, easy, and practical way to spread the word.

Don't worry about bad reviews. You also have the option to moderate comments and ratings before they are posted.

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Good Anywhere and Everywhere

Re-Vu's website review tools are practical for everyone to use. Whether you're a regular on Facebook and Twitter, a novice blogger, or are a corporate business expert, Re-Vu can work for you.

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Just $9.95 per month

Take full advantage of this website and product review software and let us know what you think!

Secure and Spam Free

With Re-Vu, you can rest assured that your safety and security is our first priority. We have full spam filters and you have the option to moderate reviews and comments. Sign up now.

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