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A step-by-step guide to setting up Re-Vu on your website

Here’s a step by step guide to help you get Re-Vu installed on your website.

Step 1: Sign up Sign upfor Re-Vu. Be sure to provide all required information (Username, password and email address. If you want to, you can also register your website now.

Step 2: Sign in and go to your Dashboard. then click on “Embed Code.” Copy the Re-Vu code.

Step 3: Embed the code in your website’s Settings or Layout page or wherever you are allowed to embed codes. Where you embed codes varies according to your host.

Step 4: Start using Re-Vu!

If you'd like to change your account notifications, add or delete your website profiles, or generate a Re-Vu API key, go to Settings in your Dashboard.

Remember, registering and setting your account up is just the beginning. Do actively reach out to your website’s visitors and think of a good strategy to encourage them to post ratings and reviews on your website.