Ratings and ReviewsSocial media has evolved into being one of the most important business tools. The basic rule is, use it or lose. Fair enough. So there are the giants so to speak—Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. But there is a long, long list of other social media websites like Stumble Upon, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc. What the regular tend to overlook however, is the important role of plugins and applications in social media marketing.

How it works
According to a 2012 report by Forbes, 94% of all businesses with a marketing department have social media integrated into their marketing plans. 58% of that 94% say that in the past 3 years that they’ve used social media marketing, they have seen a steady growth in their sales. Fair enough. So why is social media so important, and why is it so effective? The answer lies in exploring how social media works.

The keyword in social media is social. We humans are social beings. We enjoy socializing. In fact, we rely on it in many ways. For example, before we buy things— be it online or offline, we rely on hearing or reading customer ratings and reviews. Social media thrives on exactly that- a customer review. Basically everything we can see on social media points back to ratings and reviews:

“Hey Janet, I just went to see _____ movie last night! It was great!”
“I just bought a new phone. I give it 3 stars.”
“Has anyone tried buying this flashlight before?”

And so with social media, there is constantly a new customer review with everyone posting new ratings and reviews of different products, places, things, food, etcetera. So in this way, social media helps build your website’s trust, increases sharing opportunities, and helps you grow your business. Let’s look at that in more detail.

Building trust
One of the #1 ways to build trust is by using a good review software. Why? Because ratings and reviews are so important for building user trust— this is something that’s imprinted in human nature. From time immemorial, humans have relied on what other people say to help them come to know and trust something or someone. In today’s modern world, it’s no different. That’s why using a review software to help increase your website or product’s ratings and reviews is so important to help you build trust.

Sharing opportunities
Social media gives you the perfect tools to encourage your users to share. Some businesses even hire review sites to increase the number of ratings and reviews they have on their website as well as to share their content. But why do that when you can have it completely natural? So employ a good review software to build up your website and products’ ratings and reviews, and don’t hesitate to ask your visitors to share and post a customer review or two. Remember, everyone likes to give their opinion anyway, so why not capitalize on that?

Grow your business
We talked about it earlier. Don’t underestimate the power of a customer review or ratings and reviews. Of course the challenge to you is to make your website and products to be interesting, and ever-appealing to your customers. At the same time, you should use a good review software along with your social media plan. As the number of your customer reviews grow along with the number of your ratings and reviews, watch your business grow.

Getting it all together
In short, use social media along with a really good review software to help increase your website’s ratings and reviews. There are review plugins like Re-Vu which are not only economical but also full of features that will help you build your business, increase the number of customer reviews, as well as catch the attention of the social media market simultaneously. Have fun growing your online business!
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