thinking outside of the box to improve your businessGet your business out of a slump and growing fast by thinking outside of the box. Creativity and business go well together, just be sure to mix in some good ole not-so-common, common-sense. Really though, to jump-start and keep your business growing, you need to constantly think of ways to keep your current customers happy and increase your customer base. Let’s go through a few things that’ll help you out.

Happy Customer = Good Business
Perhaps the simplest, most reliable formula in business is that you keep your customer happy and it results in a good business. While often easier said than done, of course one of the first things to do is make sure you are offering good products/services. Secondly and perhaps more important, develop good relationships with your customers. One way to ensure that is by using a review engine.

A review engine like Re-Vu not only helps you easily communicate with your customers, but it also allows your customers to leave ratings and reviews of your products and website. Whether you know it or not, customer ratings and reviews are essential for building your customer trust. So be sure to use good review software to improve your customer relations and website rating.

Keep Your Ear on the Ground
Keep yourself in the loop of what’s trendy and what’s working not just for you but also for your competitors. Read your competitors’ customer service reviews to learn about what their customers like and don’t like to see what you can possibly adapt and what you should avoid doing. One way to do this is to set up a blog for your business. Post entries at least once a week and employ a good blog commenting service to help you communicate with readers. If you’re hesitant to create a blog directly representing your business, you can create a neutral account where you can still get the customer ratings and reviews that you need.

Be Creative
In business, creative thinkers win. Approach every “problem” as an opportunity to think of a better way to get around it. Remember, your business is what you make it. Don’t feel it’s a “burden.” Rather, see it as a challenge. Get creative about what you are selling. For example, to help build customer loyalty, it’s good to have special events or offers for them every couple months. More importantly, always deliver consistent value to your customers and don’t hesitate to ask for customer service reviews. Part of being creative is learning how to make your business better each time you get negative customer ratings and reviews. In this way, always keep an open mind and keep your ideas flowing on how to constantly improve your business performance, your customer base, and of course, the value of your business.

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