The Psychology of Colors and the Art of Getting Consumer Reviews

The Psychology of Colors and the Art of Getting Consumer ReviewsThe psychology of colors and the art of getting consumer reviews are probably not two things you hear talked about that often— and especially not together. A common characteristic they share however is that they are both helpful for improving online sales.

Psychology of colors
Most of us go about our lives without ever noticing colors. In fact, most of us never even thought of the psychology of colors- but the fact is colors have an effect on our feelings, moods, emotions, and are a powerful communication tool. It also plays a big role in memory recall. It is for this reason that the best retailers and business people don’t leave out colors. For example, navy blue helps build trust. On the other hand, the color yellow is attention grabbing and encourages buyers to spend. Combined? Think of most banks or the colors of the most popular online selling websites. Ingenious? Maybe not. Strategic marketing? You bet. Here are a few common colors and a breakdown of what they mean in business:

Color Meaning / Effect in business
Red Attention grabbing, energetic, but can also evoke passionate responses. (which may not always be positive)
Orange Evokes exuberance, fun, and vitality. Lighter shades appeal to upscale markets.
Green Usually used for health products, denotes freshness.
Blue Trustworthy, fiscally responsible, secure.
Purple Creative, royal, sentimental.
Yellow Communicates warmth, positivism, and naturally attracts the eyes, making them good point of purchase displays.
Pink Conveys youthfulness, energy, and excitement.

In another post, we talked about how important it is to have a good landing page. Part of that is having a good color scheme. So what does that have to do with getting customer reviews? A lot. Like we’ve said before, using a commenting system on your website is essential for helping increase traffic to your website. In addition, customer ratings also have the effect of increasing conversions to your website.

Getting Consumer Reviews Part 1
Since customer ratings are so important, there are certain steps you can take to encourage your customers to leave reviews and ratings. First of all, remember that most of the time, people don’t want to leave reviews. The people who leave reviews are either those who really like your products and services, or those who really hate it.

Obviously, the first thing is to make sure you are offering the best possible services. Second, use a commenting system on your website. Third, incentive. For example, you can either offer your products free to certain people to get their reviews or give discounts to people for their future purchases. However, you don’t want this to turn sour. If people are writing dishonest reviews and ratings and you are basically just paying people off, that will only just backfire.

That’s it for our part 1. Let us know how you liked this article and please feel free to share it with your friends and family!

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