website ratingsDon’t make the same mistake the majority of other website or online business owners make by neglecting customer reviews. Website review software can do wonders to improve your website’s rankings and SEO traffic and for building your business’ credibility and trust. We’re not kidding here— a review script can really do all that and more. Here’s how:

Increase your website’s performance
The best businesses, be it online or offline, have great customer service and communications. Remember your customer base is made up of people. People value ease, security, effectiveness and will share what they like with their friends and family. Installing a rating engine and review plugin helps you not only open the lines of communication with your customers but also helps you improve your website’s performance. So listen to what your customers are saying and improve your website accordingly. Having said that, be sure to choose a good website review script which will provide you with the most features you need.

Get website reviews
Capitalize on people’s natural tendency to share what they like and build your business. Use a blog commenting services to help you get website reviews, and at the same time, don’t be afraid to ask for the reviews. There is nothing like customer reviews that help build trust. Especially with online markets, research shows that 6 of 10 online shoppers depend on customer service reviews to help them decide whether they will buy one product or another. If that isn’t a reason enough to use website rating software, we don’t know what is.

Convert visitors into buyers or subscribers
The fact is that website reviews and website rating also help convert visitors into buyers and subscribers. Customer reviews and ratings also help increase visitor conversions to buyers or subscribers by building trust. When visitors see that there are reviews and ratings about your products and services, they see this as a sign that your business is legitimate and trustworthy and worth a try. So improve your website or online business by installing a website review script like Re-Vu.

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Improve Your WordPress Experience with Review and Rating Software

Re-Vu WordPress review pluginWordPress is not popular for nothing. It’s ease of use, reliability, and trustworthiness is something many people recognize, and it’s no wonder that it remains one of the most used open source blogging tools. One other reason we love WordPress is because of the availability of all kinds of plugins which are great for improving your WordPress experience. One of the best WordPress plugins to use is review software. While WordPress has a built-in commenting system, using a good review software can do wonders to improve your online experience.

Here are good reasons you should use a good WordPress plugin review software:

Improved WordPress Experience
Employing good review software like Re-Vu allows your website visitors to easily rate and review your website or products and share content. It also makes communications between you and your customers easy and painless.

Have better SEO ratings
The Re-Vu customer review software not only integrates seamlessly onto WordPress but also makes all comments indexable for search engines. Furthermore, this WordPress review site gives visitors and old customers alike a way to share your posts, products, or services in over 50 different ways—be it through Facebook, Twitter or other social media websites, through email, or on bookmarking websites like StumbleUpon or Reddit. All this of course, means a plus-plus for your SEO ratings.

Increase Traffic
Any good online business person knows that user ratings and testimonials are essential for building trust and increasing traffic. And that’s where using a WordPress review plugin comes into play. Remember the happier your customers, the more likely they are to share your products. Using a wp review plugin improves your user experience, helps build better SEO ratings, and naturally increase your website traffic.

So use a good website rating tool for far better results for free!

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How to Encourage Your Customers to Review

Are you a small business owner? Never underestimate the benefit of customer reviews. Regardless of what your business is, ratings and reviews play a crucial role in helping build your reputation. Here are three simple ways you can encourage your customers to comment and review your products.

Make product review and rating easy
If you haven’t already, install a product review and rating software on your website. There are many choices you can choose from. Some, like Re-Vu, offer all the perks and features for free. It’s easy to install and a great way to manage comments, ratings, and reviews.

Ask for reviews
Part of using product rating and review services is to make it easier for your customers to communicate with your customers. Don’t be afraid to ask for customer reviews. You can even incentivize it. Offer them a discount or coupon off their next purchase if they leave a review.

Turn negative reviews into positives
Lastly, don’t be afraid to leave bad product reviews. Unless they’re obviously posted by competition and are aimed to ruin you, don’t delete it. Nobody expects your business to be perfect, in fact if your business has nothing but 5 star product ratings and perfect reviews, it would look almost suspicious. So see even a bad rating or review as a positive. It gives you feedback for what you need to do to improve your business and helps build your user trust. Remember, with online ratings and reviews, every comment is a positive!

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How to Turn Negative Reviews into Positives

“I finally have a review and rating system on my website, but now I’m getting a lot of negative comments. Now what?”

review softwareAs you know, online reviews affect your website’s SEO ranking. That’s why so many people try to find a good review plugin for their website. But negative reviews? Most of us can’t stand them, wish they’d disappear, or just want to get rid of them. But the fact is you can make negative reviews work for you. Here are a few SEO tips to help you turn them into positives.

Listen to the concerns of your customers. They may have valid complaints that have to be dealt with. Remember, the customer is king. Making and keeping your customer happy is key to your success in business. Be happy that your customers are willing to tell you what it is they don’t like about your products or business. Maybe one of your employees isn’t doing their job right. Whatever the complaint, consider it carefully. You might discover it’s just your opponent business trying to smear your business!

Make the changes
Valid concerns should be acted upon. We can’t reiterate enough how important it is to keep your customers happy. So see each negative comment as an opportunity to change your business for the better. Keep the focus on your customers’ satisfaction. Happy customers are loyal customers, and loyal customers will be your product’s unpaid marketers.

Post positives to negate the negatives
Another strategy to help negate the negative reviews is to post positive reviews. For example someone posted,
“I bought this laptop from you and it was malfunctioning within 3 months!”

Make the positive reviews about the laptops you’ve sold pop up above and below that or post positive reviews such as, “I bought this laptop 8 months ago and it’s been working great. I just bought my wife one too.” Or, “I bought this laptop but encountered problems with it. I contacted your website and got help instantly. My laptop’s been working great since then. Turns out it was a factory problem.”

In other words, negative reviews can also work for your benefit. In fact, having at least a couple negative reviews on your website or product would almost just be a must! They only make your product or website look more real.

Still worried? Use a review and rating plugin that allows pre-approval
Having said all that, a lot of us can’t afford negative reviews, especially not in the infancy stage of our online business. The solution to that is simple. Install a website review and rating software such as Re-Vu which allows you to pre-approve posts. That way you can see what your customers like and don’t like and improve your business, and use the positive reviews to help your business grow.

Let us know if you liked this entry or found it helpful.

All the best,
-The Re-Vu Team

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What Successful Online Businesses Don’t Tell You about Product Reviews

Review pluginProduct reviews are great for business, and in the online world? They’re essential. Tested time and again, using a review and rating system to your website increases the traffic and conversion to your websites. Here’s how it works:

Understanding the Pros and Cons
As with anything else, there are pros and cons to product reviews. Once you’ve installed a product review software, you can expect both positive and negative reviews about your products. The good news is that product reviews build your credibility and trust—be it a negative or positive review. So when it comes down to it, there are more pros than cons. If you’re still worried about negative reviews, you can either post positive reviews to counter the negative ones posted or use a review and rating system like Re-Vu which allows you to pre-approve reviews before they are publicly visible.

Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about your customer
That said, every successful business person understands that success is really not about you. Instead, it’s all about your customer. Everyone wants to get a good deal for the money they spend. Using a review plugin where customers can review, rate, and share your products helps you develop long-lasting relationships with current customers and gives potential customers a reason to choose your products over someone else’s.

It’s a tested fact that reviews help build customer trust. Making it so people can read reviews of your products and services without having to leave your website makes your customer’s shopping experience far easier and more pleasant. Using review and rating plugins also make it easier for you to keep in touch with your customers. So keep an open ear and see how you can improve your products even more. Your customers will be happy and will surely tell their friends and family about your products.

SEO Value
Don’t forget the SEO value. Using product review and rating software like Re-Vu increases the relevant content of your website. You’ll naturally build targeted keywords and search engines will be far more likely to list your website.

We hope you found this blog entry about the benefits of product reviews helpful. Do give our product review software a try on your website (it’s free!) and let us know what the results are like.

-The Re-Vu Team

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3 Good Reasons to Use Review Software on WordPress (Or Any Other Website)

website trafficDon’t make the same mistake most website owners do by overlooking value and importance of website and product reviews. Customer reviews are often what your website and online business lack to get the sales and traffic you want. To fix this problem or prevent it, find yourself review software that you can use. Why? Here are 3 good reasons.

Build Long-Term, Quality relationships with your customers
Make it easy for yourself and your customers. Using review plugins on your website not only help you hear from your customers, but also make it easier for you to get back to them. With the online business craze, there’s nothing quite like adding a personal touch to your website. So keep an open ear and even ask your website visitors what they like and don’t like about your website. You’ll be able to build long-term, quality relationships and make your product(s) or services better, and better. Your customers will love it and will tell their friends and family about it, which leads us to the 2nd reason.

Increase Traffic
Word-of-mouth marketing remains one of the best, strongest marketing tools in history. Knowing that, it’s not surprising that using a review plugin can help any website owner (be it a WordPress based system or not) increase the traffic to their website. As a bonus, some review software programs automatically make it so that reviews posted on your website are indexable and therefore more visible.

Increase Website Conversions
Lastly, increase website conversions. Building better relationships with your customers builds loyalty and trust. Once they trust you, they’ll share and tell their friends about it. Get more traffic on your website and you’ll see that traffic spelling c-o-n-v-e-r-s-i-on.

All that said, there are numerous review and commenting software programs on the internet. The WordPress Re-Vu plugin is one review software which provides you with all of your review, commenting, rating, and sharing needs for free!

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4 Essential Steps for a Thriving Business and Happy Customers

4 Essential Steps for a Thriving Business and Happy Customers

Hey everyone!

commentingWe hope you’ve all had a great week. This week we’d like to share 4 simple but essential steps we often overlook.

Here are 4 essential ways you can keep your customers happy and your business thriving:

Welcome feedback
Both positive and negative feedback provide you insights on your success or how to improve. So listen to your customers and make sure you have a team assigned to read all the reviews and fix any problems quickly.

Use customer favorites to build more interest
Use positive feedback to build more interest in your website(s). Use them as ads, in newsletters, marketing material, store shelves, or even as bumper stickers.

Having a great customer service team is a must to keeping your customers happy. Have your team keep a watchful eye for issues that need to be dealt with. The faster you can deal with unsatisfied customers, the less damage. Besides, there’s nothing better than good ole warmth, hospitality, and a personal toucheven online.

Keep on moving forward
product reviewThere’s always room for improvement, so always keep your ears open and be flexible enough to make changes as needed. Your customers will thank you for it, and the rewards will show in your growing business.

Use Re-Vu to give your customers a first-class experience in rating, reviewing, and sharing products, reviews, and more. Re-Vu makes it easy for everyone.

As always, we’ll be happy to hear from you, so feel free to post your comments, questions, and please share this blog entry with your friends and family.

Have a great week!
-The Re-Vu Team / Name

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Secret to Success with Online Businesses: Customer Reviews and Open Ears

Hi everyone! We hope you’re all doing great. This week we’d like to reiterate the importance of reviews for building your online business.

product ratingsThe power of online customer reviews is often overlooked. But the fact is that through the ages, word of mouth has always been and still remains to be a proven way of driving sales. Customer reviews increase the credibility of both retailers and manufacturers.

For manufacturers, customer reviews provide priceless insights not just for other customers but also for the manufacturers themselves. Keep an open ear to what customers are saying gives you better clues on what makes your product popular or how it could be improved. Make the changes and keep your customers happy.

product ratingFor retailers, customer reviews breathe life into your sales and services, so pay attention. How? Customers are influenced greatly by the customer experience of other consumers rather than marketing professionals. Fair enough isn’t it? Just think of or other big online retail websites. People are far more likely to buy something other people have posted good reviews on than something which doesn’t have any reviews.

For customers, reviews = credibility. Keep in mind that with or without you, your customers will talk about your products. So keep the conversations on your website and give your customers a place to rate, review, and talk about your products right on your website by using Re-Vu to increase your sales and build a better business.

We’ll be stoked to hear from you, so feel free to post your comments and questions and please share this blog entry with your friends and family!


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Re-Vu: A Product Rating Service System with SEO Benefits

Re-Vu is an all-in-one review, rate, sharing, and commenting platform. You can also use it to bookmark your links, making it an easy and practical way to spread the word and build your website’s Search Engine Rankings. Let’s have a closer look.

Make communication easy

Install Re-Vu on your website to make it easy for you and your customers to communicate. To make it easy, your customers can log in with their Facebook or Twitter accounts. They can also personalize the photo/avatar which will be displayed with their comments.
product rating tool re-vu

If you wish, you can receive real-time notifications every time someone posts a comment or review on your website, giving you the option to moderate. Otherwise, you can go directly to responding to your customers or share their posts on over 300 different websites.

Rate and Post Reviews

Don’t be shy to ask your customers to rate and post reviews of your website or products. Again, Re-Vu makes this easy by giving the option to rate with stars, give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. Research has shown just how important user reviews are for building trust and increasing website conversions, so bring it on!

Bookmarking and Sharing made easy

One of the integral parts of SEO is building your links. Bookmarking and sharing links and reviews will not only help give your website a strong foundation, it’ll also build credibility and increase traffic to your website. To bookmark and share a review or comment, click on the “Share” button on the right side of your customer’s post
rating system

And take your pick:
rating tool seo benefits

We hope Re-Vu makes your life easier. Please let us know what you think!

Have a great week. J

~The Re-Vu Team

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Use the Re-Vu Comment and Review Platform to Help Drive Traffic and Conversions to Your Website

Everyone is looking for ways to increase traffic, but sometimes website traffic doesn’t spell cash. If you’re looking to improve both traffic AND turn visitors to website conversions and cash, here are 5 important tips you can use to do just that.

Tip 1: Know thy competition

Since ancient times, the best fighters and businessmen knew their competition well. That said, it’s a good idea to regularly visit your competition’s website. Look at what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. If they’re doing better than you are, find out why and see what you can do to pick up some of their ideas and improve on it.

Tip 2: Communicate with your customers

Customers are everything, so keep them happy.

Communicate with them and make it easy for them to communicate with you. Set up a website or product rating tool, include email addresses, feedback forms, or better yet- all of the above.

Always be ready to listen, and when appropriate, offer rewards for constructive feedback. Rewards can be as simple as offering a small discount for their next purchase, or sending them a few coupons or freebies.

Tip 3: Be your own guest

Pretend you’re someone else and try shopping on your own website. See what you liked and be honest about what needs improvement. You can also ask your family and friends to do the same thing and provide objective feedback.

Here are some questions to keep in mind:

Was it easy to find what you wanted? How was the presentation? Are the pictures good quality enough for a newcomer to see all the details? If you never saw that website before, would you want to make a purchase? Was it safe and secure? What didn’t you like?

If you enjoyed your shopping experience, other people are likely to as well. On the other hand, if you found it difficult or somewhat troublesome, you may be driving away your customers. So take it as a learning experience which will help you reach your goals.

Tip 4: Offer multiple payment options

This is self explanatory. Giving your customers different payment options not only makes it easier for everyone, it also builds your credibility.

Tip 5: Ensure Safety, Security, Privacy

Nobody likes to compromise their safety, security, and privacy. (Remember Tip #3: Be your own guest!) Ensure your website is completely safe and let people know they’re safe with you. Your ecommerce or shopping cart service should be able to help you install VeriSign, Hacker Safe, and other safety tools.

Remember, these are just 5 of many ways to improve your website. We’ll be updating our blog often with more practical tips and techniques you can use for improving your website.

If you liked this blog entry and found it useful, please share it with your friends and family!

All the best,

The Re-Vu Team

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