How to Turn Negative Reviews into Positives

“I finally have a review and rating system on my website, but now I’m getting a lot of negative comments. Now what?”

review softwareAs you know, online reviews affect your website’s SEO ranking. That’s why so many people try to find a good review plugin for their website. But negative reviews? Most of us can’t stand them, wish they’d disappear, or just want to get rid of them. But the fact is you can make negative reviews work for you. Here are a few SEO tips to help you turn them into positives.

Listen to the concerns of your customers. They may have valid complaints that have to be dealt with. Remember, the customer is king. Making and keeping your customer happy is key to your success in business. Be happy that your customers are willing to tell you what it is they don’t like about your products or business. Maybe one of your employees isn’t doing their job right. Whatever the complaint, consider it carefully. You might discover it’s just your opponent business trying to smear your business!

Make the changes
Valid concerns should be acted upon. We can’t reiterate enough how important it is to keep your customers happy. So see each negative comment as an opportunity to change your business for the better. Keep the focus on your customers’ satisfaction. Happy customers are loyal customers, and loyal customers will be your product’s unpaid marketers.

Post positives to negate the negatives
Another strategy to help negate the negative reviews is to post positive reviews. For example someone posted,
“I bought this laptop from you and it was malfunctioning within 3 months!”

Make the positive reviews about the laptops you’ve sold pop up above and below that or post positive reviews such as, “I bought this laptop 8 months ago and it’s been working great. I just bought my wife one too.” Or, “I bought this laptop but encountered problems with it. I contacted your website and got help instantly. My laptop’s been working great since then. Turns out it was a factory problem.”

In other words, negative reviews can also work for your benefit. In fact, having at least a couple negative reviews on your website or product would almost just be a must! They only make your product or website look more real.

Still worried? Use a review and rating plugin that allows pre-approval
Having said all that, a lot of us can’t afford negative reviews, especially not in the infancy stage of our online business. The solution to that is simple. Install a website review and rating software such as Re-Vu which allows you to pre-approve posts. That way you can see what your customers like and don’t like and improve your business, and use the positive reviews to help your business grow.

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