Effective Ways to Build Your Business with Customer Reviews

commenting systemSmart business owners have already opened their businesses to internet and mobile marketing. But there’s one thing a lot of people miss— and it’s something that is beneficial for both new and seasoned marketers = customer ratings and reviews.

How Online Reviews Help
We humans are naturally social beings. As our buying and selling habits go online, so have our habits of asking friends, family and acquaintances what they think about a certain product. Research shows how quickly ecommerce is building up, and with it, are people’s dependency on online customer reviews. No kidding, statistic show that nearly 70% of people trust online customer reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. So there you are- customer reviews are the key not just for increasing website conversions but also to building your business!

Gathering Customer Reviews
This one can be tricky, especially for new businesses. Of course the most basic step is to get a good blog commenting service. You can’t expect to get any comments without first having a good commenting system in place. Once you’ve got that down, you can start to strategize how to encourage your website visitors to leave ratings and reviews. Generally speaking, customers tend to share their opinions when it is related to these three components:

  • Discounts, Sales, Coupons, or Local Deals
  • General business or product information
  • Customer ratings and reviews

So, time to get creative!

For Start-up Businesses
If you are just starting to build your business, one thing you can do is actively ask your potential customers to let you know what they think. Secondly, if possible, try to look for popular people in your locality who are known to review things. Find out if they’re willing to review your product(s). In other words, you can incentivize by giving them your product to test and write about or by offering discounts or freebies for the future purchases of people who leave customer ratings. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you’re buying reviews.

For Established Businesses
As for those people who already have an established business who’ve only just brought their business online, if you don’t already have a log of testimonials or customer ratings and reviews offline, ask your most loyal customers to give you. You can also search your business name online. Surely some of your customers have said a thing or two about you online- and who knows, you may be able to use it.

Dealing with Negative Reviews
Turn every negative review into a positive one. Even negative reviews can build your business. Whether you display the negative reviews or not is your choice, but carefully study each negative comment to see how you can use it to improve your product or business. However you choose to deal with it, always see it as a way to help your business get better.

Building your business
Easier said than done? It doesn’t have to be. Use an excellent commenting system that’ll make it easy for you to gathering customer ratings and reviews and communicate with your customers. Some of these commenting systems also make it so that user comments are automatically indexable by search engines, which help build your website’s SEO value. Furthermore, some rating and review software offer other features like instant sharing, all for free. In short, if you’re serious about building your business online, you should harness the power of customer reviews. Once you see your sales and website conversions increasing, you’ll never again underestimate the power of a customer review.

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