8 Ways to Get Customer Reviews

We’ve talked about how essential customer ratings and reviews are for your business and for your website’s SEO value. But the reality is nobody really likes to post reviews. So now here are 8 ways you can encourage customers to post their ratings and reviews.

Get started
More often than not, the first few consumer reviews are the hardest to get. Once you’ve got a few reviews, other people are more likely to post their ratings and reviews without having to be asked. So to get started, it’s a good idea to ask existing customers to post the first reviews.

This is also where using rating and review software comes in handy. Open communication lines with your customers, they’ll appreciate it. And when you need a hand, they’ll be more willing to help out.

Use other websites
Aside from setting up a great rating and review software on your website, it’s a good idea to make profiles on other websites. Websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc are great for helping you get more customer reviews in a quicker, faster way. Using Local directories like Yahoo Local, Yelp, Google Places, or City Search are also effective websites that can help you achieve what you’re looking for.

Get your staff involved
It’s also a great idea to get your staff involved. Teach them about the importance of customer reviews. Well trained staff can help you get customer reviews. For example, if they’re on a phone with certain customers, they can jot down the testimonials or ask certain customers- i.e. those who very much like your brand/services if they can post a review of your products and/or services.

Look for reviewers
Big established selling websites like Amazon have a lot of reviewers. Take a closer look and you’ll find that a lot of the top reviewers actually have their contact information listed. Do a little research and find relevant reviewers and ask them to post ratings and reviews.

Free Samples
If you can afford it, go ahead and give some samples. Some big businesses provide free samples to anyone- and you know how it goes, everyone loves free stuff. Giving a few samples away is a good way to get people talking. And don’t forget to ask the recipients to drop by your website and let you know what they think of it!

Offer Trials
Another strategy to get people talking about your product is by offering free trial versions of your product. For example, give users a week or two to test your products. Again, this is a great way to get people talking.

Have feedback cards
If you have a regular store, have feedback cards customers can fill out. For online businesses or a more environmental choice, send emails out instead. You can offer these at purchase— meaning they can fill out these feedback cards, or you can send them an email a few days after their purchase. Sending the email a few days after their purchase is also a good idea. It gives your customers a chance to test the product and let you know how they liked it.

Be accessible, flexible and ask for suggestions
Make your contact information (Telephone, email, Facebook, Skype, etc) readily available. Remember, we humans are naturally social. Aside from liking things that work systematically- e.g. being able to purchase with little trouble, we also appreciate being able to relate to a non-computer. So add a personal feel to your business by being accessible to your customers. Let them know you’re around if they need help.

Secondly, be flexible be it with your strategies of how to run your business or with dealing with customers, and even how to ask for customer ratings and reviews. For example, there are several ways of asking for customer reviews such as:

• Please let us know how you like ________
• Your opinion matters! Please rate and review ________
• Make your voice be heard_______

However you choose to ask for consumer reviews, always aim for simplicity (in presentation) and speed (easy to rate, review, etcetera).

Let us know if you found this helpful and feel free to share!

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