5 Ways to Increase User Generated Content

Customer ratings and reviewsUser generated content is one of the best ways to increase your website’s SEO value and user conversions. Here are 5 ways you can increase user generated content.

#1 Update Regularly
To keep your website’s content looking fresh not just for your website visitors but also for the search engines, post regular updates. Make it a habit to update your website’s content at least once a week is a great idea. Without these regular updates, search engines bots will get bored with your website and start pushing it down. In other words, no new content means your website’s ratings will go down. So keep those updates coming in, even if it’s just simple stuff.

#2 Get Customer Ratings and Reviews
One of the best ways to increase user generated content is by using a review engine or review software. Customer ratings and reviews are probably one of the most useful types of user generated content. They not only help keep your website’s SEO value up, but they also help build user trust and website conversions. Be creative in the ways you try to get customer ratings and reviews. Just remember, no matter what, keep your customers happy and see customer reviews as a means to help you improve your website.

#3 Use Social Media
There’s nothing like social media to make or break your business. Play your cards right and you’ll be swamped with customer ratings and reviews and more. It’s a great idea to have buttons that allow people to “share,” “like,” “tweet,” “email,” “bookmark,” etc from every page of your website. And if people need to sign into your page, try to make it so they can log on with their Facebook, Twitter or Google+ pages and they’ll love you for it. After all, everyone appreciates some convenience.

#4 Encourage Discussion
How? You say? Creativity is key. Depending on your type of business or nature of work, you can vary how you’re going to do this. Some businesses encourage their customers to suggest ideas or to share their opinion on some products and services and thereby help them improve, while others may post something artsy and attract people’s interest in that way. Whatever you decide to do, go ahead and do what you can to encourage discussions.

#5 Track Your Progress
Setting up a review engine on your website can open you up for negative comments, but they’re good too! Without some kind of a review software, customers can’t communicate with you and you miss the whole point of increasing user generated content! So set up your goals and track your progress as you go along.

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