5 Secrets to Getting Positive Customer Ratings and Reviews

Customer Reviews ReVuGot a website? You better seriously consider having some kind of review software as well. Research has validated that customer ratings and reviews help bring in more than 50% of your website’s visitors. In other words, you’re the ratings and reviews on your products and website are precisely what help half of your new visitors decide whether or not they’ll buy from you. Aside from helping increase website conversions, because more and more people relying on the internet for their shopping needs, even just having some kind of a rating and reviewing service available on your website is crucial to building customer trust. That said, here are 3 secrets to get positive ratings and reviews.

Make It Easy

The easier, the better. Using a good review software that makes it super easy to rate, review, comment, and share is the best type to use. Make it easy an experience as possible for your customers to post reviews.

Review Reviewers

One of the ways to encourage reviewers is by featuring one of them every day/week. Have a banner or a small portion in your website’s front page, Facebook, or even Twitter account where you can feature a customer’s review. Of course, be sure to let the reviewers know when they are being featured. Most people really like this and if they’re regular customers, the chances are they’ll see how other people are getting featured and they’ll want to post a positive customer review that might just land the feature page!

Think Numbers

Remember, the more reviews you’ve got the better. If you can get 8 or 10 reviews total and majority of those being good reviews, that’s fantastic! If you get 2 or 3 bad reviews, that’s still pretty good. In short, having 8-10 reviews, even if 2-3 of those are negative is better than having just one good review.

Be Quick to Resolve Issues

If someone does post a negative review, rather than getting defensive, listen carefully and try to resolve the issue as best and quickly as you can. See negative reviews as a way to keep improving your business. While generally speaking we do not encourage you contacting people who posted negative reviews, it’s a good idea to contact the people who posted thoughtful, constructive criticism. Some businesses offer such people free trials or upgrades.

Deliver and Keep Your Customers Happy

Deliver what your customers expect and keep your customers happy. Offering first class products and services are a sure way to get positive customer ratings and reviews without asking. So keep in mind and strive for excellent service.

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